About Us

Nestled in the heart of Toronto, we proudly present TAA is for Toronto, a community with a vision to make the Arabic language accessible to all in this remarkable and diverse city. Toronto, celebrated for its incredible diversity (over 160 languages spoken) and its role as a sanctuary city, is our home. We're dedicated to fostering connections, embracing diversity, and celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures that make this city unique.

TAA is for Toronto
is more than just a brand; it's a mission. We began our journey in May 2017 when we organized Toronto's Arabic language exchange meetup, LoveArabic.


This initiative quickly gained traction, drawing hundreds of participants and garnering recognition from local media like CBC News Toronto and CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway.


As fate would have it, the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily halted our LoveArabic meetups. However, we're delighted to announce our return in 2024, now rebranded as TAA is for Toronto.

Our ethos is simple but powerful: we invite everyone to join us on our mission. TAA is for Toronto isn't merely about organizing community events and offering Arabic-inspired merchandise; it's about fostering connections and building bridges, nurturing knowledge, and cultivating empathy among our diverse community.